Fat Fetish

Fat fetishists are always so desperate to hear how happy we are to be fat—and we’re never allowed to have an off day or to feel down or ugly without it being some serious commentary on our “Confidence” level and how sexy we are—and, honestly, it seems to me that that says more about fat fetishists than fatties. “How do you feel about being fat?” might as well be “I like fat, please tell me you do too so this isn’t weird.” Do you go up to thin people and ask them how they feel about being thin? or brown haired people and ask them how they feel to have brown hair? No, because the question is meant not to learn something about the person you’re asking but to entice them into describing fat-life for the sole purpose of getting you off.

There is nothing wrong with getting off and there is nothing wrong with having fetishes. The problem here is treating other people like they are nothing more than a fetish.